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Platinum Plan explained

​​###👑 Pricing: $93/monthly
$55/yearly payment

Ideal for larger businesses functioning across multiple domains.

This plan includes:

✅ 25 projects/foldersAssigned once to your account
You can have up to 25 active projects at any time. Projects are folders helping you organize your content.

✅100 content writer analyses
Analyze and optimize up to 100 pieces of content every month.

✅ 60,000 AI credits / Up to 600.000 words with chatGPT 3.5 for input and output.
AI-credits are used to generate content and power your content creation process using OpenAI AI-models.

✅ Content plan / ✅Content ideas
Get access to a content plan that helps you strategize and plan your content marketing efforts.

✅Create, ✅Edit, ✅View Content sharing
Share your content with team members and clients, allowing them to view and edit the content as needed.

✅ Standard AI templates
Templates to generate different types of content, like article outline, custom paragraphs, YT descriptions, etc.

✅ Advanced AI templates
One click templates, great to generate long-form content like: Full articles, FAQs, etc.

✅ Content Designer
Creating content in multi-step AI wizard, following best NLP recommendations and competitive data.

✅Unlimited team members
Share access with unlimited team members

✅ 100 Plagiarism checks
Ensure all content is original and not copied from other sources.

✅ Integrations: GSC, WP
Easily integrate with Google Search Console and WordPress to streamline your workflow.

✅ Content management
Manage all your content in one place, allowing you to keep track of revisions and updates.

✅ Chrome extension (GDocs, Wordpress, Shopify)
Plan, optimise, write and generate content in native environment using Chrome Extension.

*☝️Note: AI credits allow access to generative AI writing. NEURONwriter is updated to the latest GPT models as soon as they are public. One AI credit gives you between 0.3 and 5 words, depending on the chosen model.

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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