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Silver Plan explained

​​### πŸ₯ˆ Pricing: $45/monthly
$27/yearly payment

Perfect for copywriters who want to deliver outstanding results to their clients.

This plan includes:

βœ… 5 projects/folders
You can have up to 5 active projects at any time. Projects are folders helping you organize your content.

βœ… 50 content writer analyses
Analyze and optimize up to 50 pieces of content every month.

βœ… 30,000 AI credits / Up to 300.000 words with chatGPT 3.5 for input and output.
AI-credits are used to generate content and power your content creation process using OpenAI AI-models.

βœ… Content plan / βœ…Content ideas
Get access to a content plan to help you strategize what to write next.

βœ… View Content sharing. Share your readable only content with clients.
❌ Create is not available, ❌ Edit is not available,

βœ… Standard AI templates
Templates to generate different types of content, like article outline, custom paragraphs, YT descriptions, etc.

❌ Advanced AI templates are not available
One click templates, great to generate long-form content like: Full articles, FAQs, etc.

❌ Unlimited team members are not available
Share access with unlimited team members.

❌ Plagiarism checks is not available
Ensure all content is original and not copied from other sources.

❌ Integrations: GSC, WP are not available
Easily integrate with Google Search Console and WordPress to streamline your workflow.

❌Content management is not available
Manage all your content in one place, allowing you to keep track of revisions and updates.

βœ… Chrome extension (GDocs, Wordpress, Shopify)
Plan, optimise, write and generate content in native environment using Chrome Extension.

*☝️Note: AI credits allow access to generative AI writing. NEURONwriter is updated to the latest GPT models as soon as they are public. One AI credit gives you between 0.3 and 5 words, depending on the chosen model.

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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